Hotel neighbours forgive and forget

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Renovation of the Busby Hotel comes close to completion with the grand opening taking place this week.

And management at Manorview Hotels took the opportunity to offer a big thank you to nearby residents for putting up with disruption from contractors during the renovation over the past year.

Nearby residents were invited to a special pre-opening tour of the newly-renovated hotel.

A spokesman for the hotel told The Extra: “Management have arranged to meet local residents to thank them for their patience over the last 10 months during the £2.5m extensive refurbishment of the Busby Hotel.

“They hope that they will enjoy the fabulous facilities that the hotel has to offer.”

For almost a year, residents at Woodyett Road explained they having to take evasive action to travel to and from their home.

David Hunter, who lives on Woodyett Road, told The Extra that increased attention from parking officers meant that vans and cars were ticketed for parking on double yellow lines .

However, he added: “That didn’t seem to make much of a difference since there were new contractors seemingly almost every week.”

One young mum, who preferred not to be named, told The Extra: “It’s beautiful and will so benefit the area.

“It was just so much disruption while the building was going on.

“This was a nice gesture to invite us to have a sneaky peak around the place on Tuesday evening and it looks great.

“I knew it was all going to be fine eventually, but we were getting to the end of our tether near the end.

“We had posted pictures up on the hotel website of inconsiderate parking of vans 
and artics parking on the corner of Woodyett and Field Roads.”

However, happy the disruption is over, she added: “Now, though, we can forgive and forget because it’s a beautiful asset to our area.”