Girls are going it alone

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Two girls, some drums and a guitar. It’s not much — but it’s enough for Glasgow-based duo Honeyblood.

Having met as Glasgow University students, drummer Shona McVicar and vocalist/guitarist Stina Tweeddale left their respective all-boy bands (Partwindpartwolf and Boycotts) and started gigging in 2012.

Going from being the only girl in the band to a band (or at least, a twosome) of their own seems to have worked wonders, as they soon landed a record deal with FatCat.

Catchy first single

Now, it’s time to launch that eponymous, debut album musos have been waiting for — with a free gig at The Old Hairdressers, no less.

Honeyblood may not take up much space on stage, but far from a simple, pared-down sound, critics continue to point out a richness to their songs — despite lackingthe bass line relied upon by so many of their contemporaries.

Who needs a bassist when these Glasgow girls are doing it for themselves?

Honeyblood launch their debut album at The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, on Monday (July 14), with support from Poor Things.

The gig is free, and doors open at 7.30pm.