Abduction rumours are false

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East Renfrewshire’s top cop has assured parents that widespread rumours of an attempted child abduction at Rouken Glen Park are false.

The post being shared on Facebook reads: “I was standing next to two women at Rouken Glen Park when they brought to my attention an older Asian man who was watching children...sure enough he targeted a wee girl around two or three and led her out the park gate.”

The post claims that another mother intervened just in time — but chief inspector Angela Carty says the rumour is false.

East Ren’s new area commander told The Extra: “There is absolutely no truth in it, or certainly it was never reported.”

East Renfrewshire Council has released a statement which reads: “Please be assured that the story is incorrect. However, we would always advise visitors to our parks to keep a close eye on children, and raise the alarm if they are concerned.”

Chief inspector Carty added: “I would recommend that anyone with concerns about a stranger calls us on 101. We would rather deal with it at the time, then find out it’s a false alarm.”

The Rouken Glen rumour follows similar stories at supermarkets in Linwood and Springburn this week.

Extra readers took to Facebook to voice their concerns, with Fiona MacGrain commenting: “It is a concern — the new play park at Rouken Glen is fab but, with it being so busy, I know a few parents have been worried about their kids getting lost.”

Pauline Davidson said: “I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to help a crying toddler down from a height at Rouken Glen Park when their parent is nowhere to be seen. I don’t believe most of these stories but it is a wake up call.”

Wendy Kelly added: “The recent stories have really frightened people, myself included, and I will definitely be more vigilant when out with my boys.”