Cold callers: the heartless cons today

Pay no attention to cold callers.
Pay no attention to cold callers.

AN ELDRELY man from Giffnock has become the victim of an unscrupulous group of cold caller who have fleeced him for more than £20,000.

The unnamed man was targeted by the gang who said his roof was in need of repair.

The men then told him they had ‘found’ additional problems with his roof, which would mean extra work being done — and, of course, extra money being forked out by the victim.

Inspector Alan Dickson, of Giffnock police office, told The Extra: “There have been a number of incidents like this and we would ask residents to be very wary of cold callers because of it.

“The method appears to be that they make initial contact and find more and more problems, and then other people come calling claiming the householder’s details have been passed on regarding yet another problem.”

The heartless mob seem to deliberately target the elderly and vulnerable — but anyone could potentially become a victim.

The man is believed to have made the initial payment and subsequent payments — even to the point of making a loan to pay his debt off.

Inspector Dickson said that inquiries were ongoing but stressed that if anyone is in any doubt as to the validity of a cold caller, they should call police on 532 5700 or the non-emergency number, 101.

Elsewhere, Giffnock police are looking for help from the public.

A trailer has been stolen from between 25 - 28/10 Lochlibo Road in Barrhead.

If anyone has seen a vehicle in suspicious circumstances, they are asked to call the non-emergency number 101.