Plaza plan off the rails?

The road and fork island at Langside Hall would be paved as part of the plaza plan
The road and fork island at Langside Hall would be paved as part of the plaza plan

Comments on The Extra’s Facebook page have prompted questions to be asked of Glasgow City Council as to the removal of railings surrounding Queen’s Park on Pollokshaws Road.

The move is part of the Town Centre Action Plan, to spruce up Shawlands with a paved and seated cafe plaza and the opening up of Queen’s Park onto Pollokshaws Road.

A GCC spokesman confirmed: “The railings were removed to create a more open aspect into the park and in anticipation of more comprehensive changes in the precinct in front of Langside Hall.”

The proposed changes are part of the ongoing programme, allocated funding of £3.3million.

Tony Halifax, chair of Shawlands and Strathbungo Community Council, praised the forward-thinking of planners in a move which could push back the boundaries of visitglasgow to include districts outwith city lines, such as Shawlands, as tourist hotspots.

He told The Extra: “This is an opportunity to create a cultural quarter that is abuzz with cafes, theatres, shops, farmers markets, street fairs and other events that will put Shawlands on the tourism map.”

However, plans to upgrade the area as a visitor-friendly culural quarter have not found favour will all businesses in the area.

Taxi drivers who work out of the rank directly outside Langside Hall say plans to pave the road at the corner of Pollokshaws Road and Langside Avenue will affect their income potential and reduce services to the public, as well as creating a nuisance to residents.

One taxi driver warned of traffic snarling as the turn-off to Langside Road from Pollokshaws Road would be closed to accommodate a walkway and seating area.

He said: “All of this area and the road where the rank is will be paved over and the taxis moved further down Langside Avenue. The rank, which is a stopping point for six taxis, will be reduced to four berths. That’s not enough to satisfy public requirements, especially when The Shed spills out opposite us.

“Not only that but where they’re proposing to relocate us is certain to become a noise nuisance for residents with people streaming down from the cross for taxis — and more so in winter when drivers might run their cars while idling just to keep the heater going.”

Facebook follower Elizabeth Jeffrey called it a waste to spend funds on new developments, adding: “The money would be better spent putting a compulsory purchase order on the Arcade and creating a mixed use civic space and retail opportunity for indie cooperatives and SMEs or in line with the Avenue at Mearns.”

Residents are invited to have their say at a consultation event on October 4, 10am-6pm in Langside Hall.