Clarkston’s buried treasures

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CLARKSTON residents have been hot on the trail of buried treasure recently – and this week, 10 of them have struck voucher gold.

Clarkston BID (business improvement district) has been running a treasure hunt in order to promote its loyalty card scheme. The journey began with a tattered map – said to be that of a 19th century Giffnock quarryman named Doug Stone.

What followed was a host of clues and secret locations, all leading to a mystery answer which treasure seekers could submit for a prize draw.

The draw was made on Saturday at the Greenbank church jubilee garden party, where Clarkston BID was promoting its loyalty scheme to visitors.

Church minister Jeanne Roddick and BID chair Debra Clapham drew 10 names, and each will receive £25 shopping vouchers for use in Clarkston.

The winners are: Kathleen Craig, Ellie Cherry, Jennie Addie, Andrew Cramb, Sarah Hyland, Marie Forster, Sophie and Ethan Rook and Pat Stevenson (all from Clarkston) as well as Rebecca Steel, from Eaglesham, and Faye Taylor, from Netherlee.

BID coordinator Justyna Krupinska hopes that the win will make those 10 residents smile – and she added that the day was very positive for the business project.

She told The Extra: “We cannot underestimate the power of very local events like this, and we’re going to be more present in community events from now on.

“They’re so important in terms of reaching the community, and we subscribed more than 100 people in about two hours – many of them knew about the scheme but had never had time to visit the website, or to fill out the form”.

More than 1,000 people have joined the scheme now, which aims to promote Clarkston businesses by offering loyalty card holders special offers and discounts in return for signing up.

Next up for Clarkston BID – set up to encourage local companies to work together and give the area a financial boost – is to bring more retailers on board and continue to spread the word about Clarkston.