Tramway recognises landmark production

Photo by Eoin Carey.
Photo by Eoin Carey.

FANS of Scottish literature and theatre will be making their way to this side of the Clyde throughout June.

Tramway has teamed up with Untitled Projects and the National Theatre of Scotland for an unusual take on a landmark production of a classic.

Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner Reconstructed focuses on a 1987 production by the young director.

Bright set out to stage Jame Hogg’s novel in unusual venues across the country — and the result has been catalogued by Untitled Projects and actor George Anton, who have assembled an in an exhibition and live performance.

The piece sets out to revisit Bright as an unsung hero of Scottish theatre — making it a must for theatre aficionados, as well as fans of one of the greatest novels of the Scottish literary canon.

Runs June 14-29. Tickets on 0845 330 3501.