Hitting the notes


A NEW band has been formed with seasoned musicians who have come together to create a remarkable sound.

Kan has just kicked off its UK tour which lasts until June and is set to take in Glasgow’s Stereo Bar on Wednesday, May 30.

The band is made up from members of other notable bands such as Fluke and Lau, along with two members who couldn’t name the amount of bands they were in if they tried.

With a new album set for release, Sleeper, the boys are keen for this promotional tour.

The quartet consists of Brian Finnegan, Aidan O’Rourke, Jim Goodwin and Ian Stephenson.

Collectively, Kan’s sound has as its backbone music based on Irish and Scottish traditions which also embrace Breton dance, Asturian jigs and the influence of avant garde jazz pianist Nik Bartsch and Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen.

Important to the band’s musical quest is that no one musician takes the lead and all input is seen as equal.

There’s a mutual admiration bordering on fandom between the individual members of Kan.

Guitarist Ian commented on why he joined the band.

He said: “There are probably dozens upon dozens of grown men who grew up listening to Flook and Lau, harboring dreams of being in a band with Brian or Aidan one day.

“Well, that’s me now — I’m chiffed to bits”.