Baby steps

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COULD YOUR toddler be the next De Niro or Streep?

One way you could find out would be to amble along with your little one to Eastwood Park Theatre for theatre workshop and performance This Workshop Sucks.

That’s not to say your youngster will be subjected to the strenuous rigours of method acting, but it can be a fun way to pass the time for them and you.

Set for ages three to five, Professor Katy and Doctor Matt are looking to enlist some help in building the world’s bggest Hoover. This Workshop Sucks is at the Eastwood Park Theatre tomorrow and Saturday.

The workshop is on from 10.30am in the morning and 1.30pm in the afternoon on Friday and from 11am on Saturday morning. Tickets are £4.50.

If, on the other hand, the magic of theatre is not for you, there’s magic of a different kind to be had at the Metropolitan.

This city centre cocktail bar and restaurant in Merchant Square is offering a slightly offbeat entertainment with its Midweek Magic.

For the ticket price of £10 or £23.95 — which includes a three-course meal — you don’t get just one magician, you get two.

Douglas Cameron and Liam McLaughlin promise an evening full of fun and mystery. Comedy and magic — simply irresistable.