A night at the flicks for film geeks

BET you didn’t even realise that a play about the lives of those working at a multiplex could ever be as interesting as the stories they reveal in their cinemas.

Well, welcome to Multiplex where what is on-screen pales into insignificance when compared to the lives of the staff, in particular the ushers who show you to your seats.

One, Dillon, follows the giongs-on of fellow usher, King — a man who claims to know everything about every film ever made.

King is backed up by his crew, Elton and Spike, who will not let anyone question King’s knowledge of cinema.

But new usher, Mouse, begins working at the multiplex and he seems to have a superior knowledge of movies.

King challenges Mouse to a film quiz — hosted by Dillon. Who will come out on top?.

Multiplex, written by Christopher William Hill, is being performed at the Tron from Thursday, June 27 until Saturday, June 29 with tickets costing £8.

Call 01273 917272.